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Successfully held webinar on the topic of “Distance Contract in Financial Services”

On 28.07.2020. our lawyer Aleksandar Pavleski was a lecturer at a webinar organized by Forum Media Group and he spoke on the topic “Protection of financial services users in distance contracting”.

The participants of the webinar were persons employed mainly in banks and insurance companies, because the emphasis of the lecture was on the obligations of financial service providers in the light of the distance contracting. We have successfully clarified all the doubts that financial service providers have when they are concluding loan agreement online or when they are selling insurance online.

The topics covered at the webinar are:

  • The concept of distance contract with reference to the specifics of the contract conclusion
  • Contracting parties in distance financial services contracts
  • Means and method of distance communication
  • Providing information to the user in the pre-contractual phase
  • Content of information about the service provider, about the service, about the contract, about the way of resolving disputes
  • Withdrawal of the user from the contract (reasons, deadlines, statement of withdrawal)
  • Legal consequences of withdrawal and costs of the financial service provided in the sense of the withdrawal of the user
  • Assumption of obligations in the contract that the user did not request
  • Termination of the contract
  • Waiver by the user of his rights which are guaranteed by law

Pavleski Law Firm would like to thank the organizer of the webinar for the given trust, as well as all participants who had an active participation on this current topic.

Date: 29.07.2020.

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