The divorce is one of the most important emotional and legal issues people experience through life. According to some research, level of stress spouses suffer during the process of divorce is enormous, coming to the second place right after the death of a close person.

Engaging into divorce without a lawyer could be bad for you, your property, as well as for the parental rights you have. You could easily be deceived or used by the other party, which sometimes results in irreparable damage. That is why it is crucial hiring a divorce lawyer, who will advise you throughout the process of divorce and strongly fight for your rights.

Naši advokati za razvod braka zastupaju klijente u sledećim predmetima:

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    Uncontested divorce

    If there is an agreement of both spouses on terminating the marriage, division of the property and custody over children, there is a possibility of having an inexpensive and quick divorce process.

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    The divorce procedure

    When one of the spouses does not want to divorce or there is not an agreement on custody over children or division of the property, divorce process must be initiated.

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    International divorce

    Globalization and rising migration of people contributes to a serious increase in number of international marriages, which also leads to an increased number of international divorces. When a foreign element is involved, our lawyers represent clients in courts in Serbia and abroad.

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    Division of property and debts

    One of the main questions of every divorce is the division of the property acquired during the marriage, as well as division of debts obtained during the marriage and preservation of individual property of spouses.

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    Custody over children

    The most emotionally sensitive issue during the divorce is “who is going to take the children” after the divorce and in which way will the model of seeing the child will be arranged.

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    The obligation of paying the alimony is closely related to the issue of custody over children. Additionally, in some cases, there is a possibility of supporting the spouse after the divorce.

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    Marriage annulment

    In case of fake (fictitious) marriages and some other specific situations, there is a possibility of annulment before the court. The result of that procedure is a decision which states that the marriage was invalid from the beginning almost as if it had never taken place.

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    Domestic violence

    In case the domestic violence is one of the reasons for a divorce or in case the domestic violence occurred after the divorce, it is necessary to react as soon as possible so the irreparable consequences could be avoided.

What are the most common reasons for divorce?

  • Discrepancies in the character of spouses
  • Inability to agree on family finances
  • Different ways of raising children
  • Adultery or emotional-sexual distance
  • Wastefulness and gambling
  • Alcoholism or drug use
  • Domestic violence

How to initiate a divorce?

Divorce is initiated before the competent court by submitting proposal for a consensual divorce or filing a divorce lawsuit.

How much does a divorce cost?

The cost of divorce depends primarily on the duration of the court proceedings and the number of hearings. So, if it is a procedure for a uncontested divorce, the price of hiring a lawyer is relatively low and costs up to several hundred of euros. However, if it is a divorce lawsuit with major disagreements regarding custody or joint property, the proceedings will take much longer and will cost an average of 400-1000 €.

Of course, each case is unique and has its own characteristics, which is why it is the best to contact a lawyer for closer information about the price for your divorce.

How long does a divorce last?

Unfortunately, it is hard to answer such a question. First, it should be noted that the divorce proceedings are conducted in court proceedings. Therefore, there are some formalities of a legal nature that usually take some time. The divorce proceeding by itself is an emergency procedure, but that does not mean it could be completed in a couple of days.

If it is a procedure for uncontested divorce and both sides want to “co-operate”, the entire process is relatively quick and lasts an average of a month or two. However, if there is a parental battle over custody or disagreement over property division, the proceedings will usually take longer.

  • Division of property:

The proceedings will take longer if you and your spouse have joint property over which you cannot agree or if you have individual property that the other spouse wants to seize.

  • Custody of the children:

If both parties want independent custody of the child, the proceedings will also take longer.

  • Court and Center for social work responsiveness:

The process aspect of family disputes, which involves the slowness of the courts regarding the scheduling of hearings and the time needed to draft the opinion of the Centre for Social Work is often the fact that increases the duration of the proceedings the most.

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