Do I need a lawyer?

If you asked yourself this question, the answer is probably yes. A lawyer is a person who is the most expert in legal counseling and representation, who can save your time, energy, money with knowledge and experience. Many lawsuits arise, inter alia, because parties fail to hire a lawyer on time. We consider this as a wrong approach. The lawyer should be your partner in good and bad times.

What is your field of working?

First of all, we provide assistance to clients in the fields of corporate law, trade law, labor relationships and dispute resolution. For more information, visit our page   Pavleski Law

What could I expect from the Pavleski Law firm?

You can expect a law firm that will work in your interest, which will be available for your questions or concerns. Pavleski firm will be honest with you, and will provide innovative solutions that are based on its professionalism and experience.

If you decide to contact us for your problem, visit the web presentation that you can find on Serbian Bar Association. You can access a list of all lawyers and law firms from which you can choose another law firm.

What do you expect from me as a client?

First of all, we expect you to be honest when it comes to sharing facts about your problem. It is essential that you provide us with relevant documentation on time. We expect you to be available for us by phone or email.

What is a lawyer’s secret?

According to the statute of the Bar Association and the Code of Professional Ethics of Lawyers, we are obliged to keep it as a professional secret, everything that client entrusts us or everything we find out or acquire that is related to the subject for which we provide legal assistance, in preparation, during and after termination of representation. The obligation to keep a lawyer’s secret is not limited in time.

How much do your legal services cost?

The total cost of our service is determined by multiple criteria (time required for the work on case, type of case, complexity of case, number of court hearings, availibity of documentation and evidence etc.) We negotiate the method of calculation with each client separately and for each individual case. The way of paying can be according to the starting hour or by determination of price for each action we take.

Will I have any other costs?

It depends. If your case requires from you to pay for judicial or administrative taxes, hiring an expert witness or a translator, then you will be in obligation to pay for listed costs. If they appear, the client bears the costs that are essential for continuing with your subject, such as transportation, absence from the law office, postal services etc.

What is a legal advice and opinion?

Legal advice includes objective and professional advice that a lawyer provides to his client on whether, in what way and when he should take specific actions in order to achive his right. Legal opinion includes objective and professional opinion which lawyer provides to his client on a specific issue relating to the client’s right, obligation, interest. The lawyer is obliged to provide the client with an impartial opinion or advice and to indicate to the client the good and bad circumstances that may affect the outcome of the case.

Does your legal firm provide free legal counseling and consultation?

In short- No. The attorney’s fee prescribed by the Serbian Bar Association stipulates that all lawyers are required to pay for their legal advice or opinion that they provide to clients. If the client chooses to be represented by the lawyer from whom he/she has obtained advice or opinion in that particular case, the cost for the legal advice or opinion enters into the price of the first action that lawyer takes after providing legal advice or opinion, in that case the legal advice or opinion are actually free.

Do you guarantee success?

Each case has its own peculiarities and the outcome depends on many factors (court opinion, orderliness of documentation, client’s behavior, attorney’s expertise and commitment). Lawyers have to work in the best interest of their clients and to present to them objectively all the good and bad sides of specific circumstances that affect the subject matter, but should not promise or guarantee success.

How and when will you inform me about the status of my subject?

It is our policy to inform of any relevant changes in the client’s subject as soon as possible, and no later than 24 hours after the change. We will keep you informed about changes by email or phone, depending on the arrangement with you.

Will I need to go to trial?

It depends. If the case requires your testimony you are obliged to respond to subpoena. Otherwise, your presence is not required, because we, as a law firm, will represent you by proxy. You certainly have the right to be present as a party during every action that your lawyer takes in your case during trials.

How long does the procedure take?

If you hire us to provide you with legal advice or opinion, to compile your contract or similar action, we will do the same by the agreed deadline, which we determine by the complexity and urgency of the case and by our previously agreed obligations to our clients. Anyhow, you would definitely get the required service in these cases relatively quickly (within hours to few days).

If you hire us to represent you in a judicial or administrative proceeding, the time duration is unpredictable. Court proceedings can last from a few weeks to several years. Factors that affect the length of court proceedings are, first and foremost, the complexity of case, the number of evidence that should be performed, the court’s action in terms of frequency of  scheduling the hearing, the fact whether the complaint will be filed (which decides the second instance court) after the first instance action etc. In each specific case, we can provide you with an indication of the expected length of proceedings.

Is it necessary for me to come to your office in order to hire you?

It is advisable to come to a meeting at our law office so that you could meet the lawyer who is going to work on your case and sign the required documentation for counseling or representation. Before that, you need to make an appointment by email or phone. In some cases, if someone is not capable of coming for justified reasons, there is a possibility of different agreement.

Can I hire you even if I’m not in Serbia?

Yes. We are located in Belgrade, but we provide our services in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina as well. If a direct meeting is not possible, we can arrange all details regarding legal counseling or representation by email or phone.

What is your working time and do I have to schedule an appointment?

The appointment with the lawyer should be scheduled in advanced. Our opening hours are Monday to Friday, from 9:00-18:00.  However, if you have an urgent problem, feel free to contact us by email or phone outside this time frame. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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