Can I request a reduction or increase in alimony?

Alimony is always determined taking into account the circumstances known at the time of the court decision and is valid for the future period until those circumstances change. Therefore, the court determines the amount of alimony considering the child’s current financial needs and the parents’ capabilities.

When there is a change in the needs of the child or the financial potential of the parent, the amount of alimony can be changed in two ways – it can be reduced or increased.

A request for a change of alimony can be made whenever there is a change in the circumstances that were important at the time of making the existing court decision on the amount of alimony.

An increase in alimony can be requested:

  • When there is a longer passage of time (the most common reason is inflation, greater needs of the child)
  • Illness of the child, i.e. arising the need for medical expenses that are not covered by health insurance
  • An increase in the salary or other income of the parent who owes maintenance

A reduction in alimony can be requested when:

  • A parent loses his job or other source of income
  • The parent changes jobs and earns less than at the previous job
  • The parent becomes unable to work due to health issues
  • A parent has another (newborn) child or there is a need to take care of a spouse or elder parent who is unable to work
  • The parent’s health worsens, and he needs to pay for medical treatment
  • A child who is able to work starts earning

Alimony can be changed by agreement or by filing a lawsuit with the competent court.

The assistance of a lawyer in alimony modification procedures is not mandatory by law, but it is advisable to have a lawyer in all family disputes.


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