Lawyer’s Fee

According to the official pricelist of the Bar Association of Serbia, lawyers charge the client a fee for their work, i.e. for providing legal assistance to the client, as well as the costs they incur to provide legal assistance.

Pavleski Law firm fees

The fee for providing legal assistance, which Pavleski Law charges, is calculated according to the billable hour system. The lawyer’s hourly rate is agreed in writing between the lawyer and the client.

In simpler terms – we agree with the client on the hourly fee and we calculate this in such a way that we multiply the number of hours of our work by the agreed price and get the amount that the client needs to pay.

For the client to be able to know how much it will roughly cost to engage the Pavleski Law firm for his family law case, the client receives information at the beginning about the estimated total number of working hours on the case, as well as the expected payment dynamics.

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    How do I know that the law firm will charge a realistic number of hours?

    In our work, we use modern software that records the time spent working on a specific subject in real time. At any time, the client can have access to the current timesheets (via the client portal) date of actions taken, description, as and the result of our work through insight into all relevant documentation.

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    Does the law firm charge for every work on the case?

    Not. We calculate the price for intellectual work (drafting the lawsuit, representation at the hearing, meetings with the client, document review, etc.), while we do not charge for the time spent on administrative tasks (copying documents, scanning, archiving, etc.).

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    Are there other ways of calculating legal services?

    Yes. In certain cases, and above all when it comes to short-term legal assistance services such as providing legal advice or legal opinion, divorce by agreement, agreement on the division of property or drawing up a prenuptial agreement, we can agree with the client on the method of payment according to the action undertaken, i.e. fixed fee/flat fee.

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    Are there any additional costs?

    In addition to the legal fees, Pavleski Law also charges the costs that the law firm bears or will bear for the client, which arise in connection with the provision of specific legal assistance to the client. These are: costs for court or administrative fees, travel costs and accommodation costs (if the provision of Legal Aid involves a stay of a lawyer outside of Belgrade for more than one day), translator costs, postal and other delivery costs, and all other costs incurred on the occasion or in connection with the provision of concrete legal assistance. The method of calculation and collection of expenses is agreed upon in the Agreement on Representation between the lawyer and the client.

    If you need information regarding the specific price for your case, you can contact us to schedule a meeting with a lawyer.

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