We have the capacities to resolve complex disputes through out-of-court or court proceedings. If it comes to the occurrence of dispute concerning client’s business, we are ready to approach a specific issue in an analytical, professional and profitable way for client. We believe that judicial proceeding is always the last option if a disagreement between the parties occurs. That is the reason why we strive to come to a solution through negotiations in a peaceful way, when the legal deadlines allow us so, and all before any eventual court proceeding.

Our services in this area include representation in the following procedures:

resavanje sporova

Litigation and enforcement proceeding

-Representation in court hearings before court and public bailiff
-Drafting a lawsuit
-Compiling an appeal
-Composing proposals for enforcement
-Drafting a proposal for an interim measure

Extrajudicial procedure

-Drafting warnings before lawsuit
-Composing letters
-Conducting negotiations
-Representation before domestic and international arbitrations

Administrative procedure and administrative dispute

Representation before the administrative bodies in first and second instance procedure, which first of all includes filing requests, petitions and appeals

Representation before Administrative Court, which involves submission of lawsuit against second instance administrative decision and filing a lawsuit for the administration’s silence.

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