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For us, as a law firm that is oriented towards problem solving and client satisfaction, it is extremely important that our clients are informed about every aspect of their case as well as every aspect of our work on it. In our opinion, the first prerequisite for successful cooperation in the case in which we represent the client is the transparency of our work.

That is why we have created a digital Portal for clients, through which all clients of the Pavleski Law have the possibility of 24/7 online access to their case. The client portal provides our clients with the opportunity to access all information about their case at any time. Therefore, our clients can find out everything they are interested in regarding their case in just a few seconds on their phone or computer.

When a client of our law firm installs client’s portal on his phone or computer via the access link we send, he can set up his profile and access the following information in just a few minutes:


  1. Chronology of events in your case with descriptions of each change
  2. Notes made by the lawyers in charge of your case regarding all changes in your case
  3. A timesheet that shows you in real time what and how long we are working on your subject


  1. Prepared invoices with specification due in the future
  2. Issued invoices with specifications that are due for payment


  1. Changing the language
  2. Change of username
  3. Changing the password
  4. Changing the time zone Etc.

All the above options save our clients’ time, allow the client to better understand what is happening in his case, improve communication between the lawyer and the client and, in general, lead to greater client satisfaction with the service provided.

The fact is that we live in a time in which digitization is gaining momentum, so, in addition to quality service in terms of work on the case itself, it is extremely important for our office to follow and implement the latest trends and technologies applied by modern European offices.

In this sense, we must point out that the Portal for clients is extremely easy to use, so navigating it will not be a problem for clients of older generations. The installation and setting of the profile take only a few minutes, and the portal itself is in English, so it can be used by our foreign clients without interruption.


  1. The use of the portal for clients does not exclude regular communication between the lawyer and the client via e-mail and telephone.
  2. We do not charge for the use of the client portal.
  3. The use of the client portal is only possible if we provide the client with continuous legal assistance or represent the client in court proceedings. The use of the portal is not possible for clients to whom we provide only legal advice or legal opinion.
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