Family law – divorce

Extramarital Union

In this text, the focus will be on the similarities in terms of forming an extramarital union and concluding a marriage, and what is it that distinguishes an extramarital union from marriage. We will also cover the topic of how to prove the existence of an extramarital union and when you will need it.

surogat majka pravno rešenje


Surrogacy is not a new phenomenon, and some forms of this procedure can be found in ancient civilizations. For example, in ancient Rome, there was a practice of “ventrem locare”, which resembled today’s surrogacy. It meant that a man who had a woman who had no fertility problems could temporarily “hand her over” to another man whose wife was infertile or had stillborn children.


Child support

Child support is the amount that a noncustodial parent must pay for his/her child to cover expenses of food, clothing, education, extracurricular activities, and similar.
Who is anobligee and who is an obligant?

Razvod braka

Divorce process

A marriage is dissolved in a judicial proceeding. You can initiate the divorce procedure in two ways: by filing for a divorce lawsuit or filing for a mutual divorce (divorce by mutual consent).
As the result, marriage is dissolved on the day of the court verdict.

Sporazumni razvod braka

Uncontested divorce

According to the Family Act of the Republic of Serbia, the marriage is terminated by the following
Termination of marriage:
-Uncontested divorce
Death of a spouse

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