Family Law Conference
Ibiza 2022

In mid-October 2022, lawyer Aleksandar Pavleski participated in the “Introduction to European Family Law Conference”, which took place in Ibiza, Spain. The conference was organized by the International Academy of Family Lawyers. The International Academy of Family Lawyers, based in New York (USA), is an organization whose members are lawyers who are by their peers as the most experienced and skilled family law specialists in their respective countries.

Many useful topics were covered at the conference, and over 200 lawyers from 33 countries participated in it, while 28 lawyers from 22 countries spoke during the educational program.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • Avoiding burnout in Family Law and why client feedback matters
  • Interesting facts in the family law in other jurisdictions with reference to the following countries: Serbia, Albania, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Switzerland, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania
  • Privacy rules in family law
  • International protection of adults – Convention 2000 and its relationship with European regulations and domestic law

In addition to numerous topics that were discussed, the emphasis was on family law in Europe, so lawyer Aleksandar Pavleski discussed with colleagues from other jurisdictions the practical problems of domestic and international family law. This event was an excellent opportunity for the law firm Pavleski Law, i.e. for attorney Pavleski Aleksandar, to take a look at various aspects of international family law in order to use that knowledge when representing clients in family disputes.

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